Budapest is the stag party heaven. The reason why a lot of tourists choose the Hungarian capital city to have a great time and amazing parties is because the city is beautiful and there are lots of programs to choose from. Beer bike or bubble football maybe a party that lasts all night or an extreme sport? Everything is possible!

While the Spartan soldiers had ‘stag parties’ to keep away the demons from their marriages nowadays it became a man’s duty to end his bachelor days with a big and loud party with alcoholic beverages.

Organizing a stag party is an old habit but it has changed over the decades, moreover the activities can vary by regions. In our time it is a very big part of the wedding preparations. Men often spend this evening (or even a weekend) with their friends and family members and collect memories and stories worth remembering.

The theme of the stag party can be anything. You can play safe and stay with low-key activities or you can go a little extreme. The important part is that you need to adjust the plan so that it fits the groom’s character. You need to take into perspective his personality, temper maybe his hobbies and you have to think of a program that will make the party unforgettable. Have a surprise party or a party with a little surprise, whatever you choose you need to make the groom the star of the evening. You need to give it all so that he can have the night of his life!

Have a party that is worth remembering

The perfect stag party’s main quality that it’s not only memorable for the groom but for the other members as well. A great stag party can be the topic of conversations for many years to come so you need to really plan it out. In between the programs there can be some games where the groom can prove his efficiency and how well he knows his fiancé. These games usually consist of quiz questions and the testing of his bravery.

4 important steps when organizing a Budapest stag party

  • You need to start planning in time, preferably weeks before the event so there is time for everything. It can be at the same time as the hen party or week(s) before the wedding. The reason why is that everyone can be notified quickly and you can brainstorm ideas together maybe on some social media platform.
  • The person whose job is to make the guest list has a great responsibility. Men family members, friends, colleagues can attend the party but it’s really important that they all need to have a close relationship with the groom. It can be problematic if too many people are attending. Fulfilling everyone’s demands can be very difficult.
  • You need to figure out the theme for the party and list all the locations and things you’ll need.
  • If you want to spice things up with for example some unique t-shirts you need to order them in time so that they can arrive before the party.

Outdoors programs for the stag party

If the groom is really into extreme sports humor him with some of the following tips:

  •   Parachuting
  •   Airsoft
  •   Bungee jumping
  •   Mountain climbing
  •   Paintball
  •   Bubble football
  •   Go-kart

If you want something a bit more low-key and the weather is nice:

  •   Beerbike
  •   Grill party
  •   Festivals, outdoor concerts
  •   Camping
  •   Fishing

These programs are also popular

  •   Poker, casino
  •   Shooting
  •   Watching a sport match (this can also be done outdoors)
  •   Night club
  •   Wine tasting
  •   Wellness and spa

There is a saying: the louder and more unordinary the stag party is, the happier the marriage will be. That’s it; you need to make your friend’s stag party the greatest one ever!