Beers on wheels, moving pub, party bike, just of the names for beerbike, a fun program that started in 2000. Dutch siblings named Zwier anf Henk Laar thought of this cool idea first, combining good music, tasty beers and most importantly good company. Having all of this while touring a city. This was the idea behind beerbike that quickly gained lots of followers in other countries, which is no surprise. Making that huge bike move really takes a team effort. As time went by these bikes became more extra, now we have roofed and roofless versions, more and more people discovered the fun behind the beerbikes, the tourists and the locals equally.

It’s a great choice for surprise parties, stag/hen parties, team buildings or an unordinary city tour (where you don’t have to wait for the other tourists). If this is not enough you can choose what kind of music you want to listen to while you are working together to keep up the pace.

Freedom and fun = beerbike

It doesn’t matter whether you are spending time with your family, friends, or celebrating a big event in Budapest, the ‘beers on wheels’ can be fun for either activities. If you have a group of people and set a date the party can start right away, of course as usual there are some things to consider in order to have a memorable tour (not just because of the hangover).

You won’t need to pregame.

If you are up for some beerbiking you won’t need to drink before the activity. The bike has an all you can drink bar. Usually there is a sober guide with you who will look out for the traffic and point you in the right direction. In your interest you shouldn’t drink too much (or non at all) before the beerbike. It’s no fun to see the city if you are already feeling under the weather…

Be your own Dj-s.

We all know the benefits of beerbike: you can see the city while pedaling and hanging out with your friends and of course drinking some good quality beer. But there is one more thing: if you prepare in advance and make you own mix you can listen to it thanks to the built in speakers on the bike.

Choose your beverage.

Beerbikes have their secrets: they can be any type of bike. Wine, champagne or even colorful cocktailbikes, basically any type of beverage is available. If you have any special requests you can ask for them beforehand. If you rent a bike, you can always choose from the menu and even have some alcohol free cocktails. If you are underage (18) you won’t be able to order any alcoholic beverages.

For what type of event do we suggest beerbike?

Finding time is easy if you have the good company, however here are the most popular events when you can rent a beerbike.

Have a memorable stag – or hen party.

Usually people rent beerbikes for farewell and surprise parties. More and more tourists arrive every year for a very specific reason: they want to spend an unforgettable weekend here, before their friends’ wedding. However, beerbikes are not only for tourists, more and more Hungarians choose this not so low – key entrainment.

Get to know your colleagues during a team building.

Beerbiking can even bring colleagues closer together, so if you looking for a team building program, look no further. It guarantees a fun evening with your co-workers and similarly to work you will also need to work together to keep the bike moving…

Keep on rolling.

If you’ve had enough of the same old birthday celebrations, or there is a very special anniversary coming up, beerbike is the new way to roll. The person who is being celebrated doesn’t even have to know about the bike: they only need to select their favorite music and put them on a USB and leave the rest to you.

If you want to have an unforgattable weekend or night in Budapest, rent a beerbike and get to know a city from a totally different perspective. We assure you: the crew won’t be thirsty or bored!